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Ilmor var Aargen
His Magesty Ilmor var Aargen, Emperor of Nilfgaard

It's me. Ok, lets set aside language code and speak as decent people do. Of course, I can tell about myself with all gestures and bobs, but I am really more accustomed to plain talks.
Actually, most of my friends knows me as Gellemar or Las and this long imperial name came out at LARPG, based on 'Vedmak' (The Warlock) boooks by A. Sapkovky. I can not honestly say that it was the best game I ever participated, but role I've played was really memorable.

It's also right time now to add the following: Gellemar - is me and I am - Gellemar. Porobly you've seen Gellemar the IT systems administrator in 'Day Watch' book by S. Lukianenko (as far as I know, the first book of this series, 'Night Watch' will be published in English by 'Miramax books' quite soon, and others will come afterwards). So, Gellemar from that book is author's perception of my person. I was the source, and after meeting with Sergey - become book's inhabitant. Can not tell is this vision of my personality is accurate, but nevertheless it exists.

OK, returning to roles and LARPG as part of the issue. LARPG is enough significant part of my life. Of course, not in aspect of time consumption. But I've got so much of good emotions from these to mark it as such. Also, for my opinon, LARPG are not only very interesting, but also very educating. I could recommend to read some of my writing on this subject in corresponding part of this site, but at this time it is not translated to English yet.

What else could I tell about myself? Firstly, I am not a web-master at all. So, you could put foreward any critique about this page, but could not be sure, that I will hearken to it. :-) Do not shhot to piano player - he's playing as he can. And as he like to - I have to add.
Secondly, I have a grade as Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science teacher. But working at one quite big company as IT systems administrator. And I like it too.
And the last, but not least: I really love my wife.

Actyally, this could be a full list of things I like in this life: LARPG (and other kinds of trips), my job, my wife... It looks like very small list. But in truth - this is huge.

Nearly forgot: this is - my e-mail :-)