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The Great Network - Mars (2002)  

Just a nice view from game' place

Nearly the same view, but you could see much more of game' place itself

This is me, beloved.

(staying on the balcony of Olimpia Officers School)

This is my concurrent

(Taylor Derden, more known as Max Feigin)

This is my canvass (in pdf)

And this is canvass for my concurrent.

Group photo: elections!

(Mr. Arcane, temporary promoted to major is handling election bulletin to my 'right hand' (Woodoo). (Lizard) is staying in queue. Sir admiral (Jargal), the head of Olimpia Officers School is staying at the right. At background: (Commodore, do not know in which role he is now, the game master (Yashka), and some soldier in Cosmos Military forces protecting suit activated (Mr. Dark). Unfortunately I do not know names of girls and voting men.

Group photo: elections!

(Half-minute before previous one. All the same faces. Just slightly different angle shot).