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At this time I can not say, that I have loads of LARPG photos. But while my beloved wife really has interested me in photographing - I can assure you that that updates are pending.

The Great Netowrk - Mars (2002)

This game was based on D. Simmons books 'Hyperion' and 'The downfall of Hyperion'. At his game I had very interesting role: from one side I was the head of Marsian (Palestinian) mafia, and from another - announced for Majorship of the city on Farsida plate (it also could be said 'for post of the President of Mars'). I can not avoid to say, that all goals I've set fro myslef was reached. Partily - thanks to people surrounding me.

Vietnam (2003)

As you could figure out from the name - the game was dedicated to Vietnam war in 60-70th of previous century. Here my role was much more modest: - I was an rural school teacher, which was inspired with communist ideas after Ameircans burned the village where he worked, and thus joined VietCong guerillas. It was very fascinating to abuse 'Amerincans' (in real life - fellow Russian airsofters) with so dirty English that they usually even did not knew such sayings... and of course - shoot them from ambush. Actually, the game as whole was very beautiful. Unfortunately, photos are not so nice.
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Season closure (2003)

Airsoft. The name is tells for itself. Actually there is nothing to add to this.
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